• Overview: A number of Paper Tiger Catamaran Guides have been produced to assist people to fit out their Paper Tigers. Click on the article to download a PDF copy of the Guide

For many items mentioned in these articles, you can purchase them from the PT Shop - ptshop.papertigercatamaran.org 

Centreboards & Rudders

Vangs & Downhauls

Mainsheets & Travellers

  • Mainsheets
    • An article on modern PT mainsheet systems (by Ralph Skea - from "APT" - May 2012)

Outhauls & Leechlines

Masts & Stays


  • Chainplates
    • An article on making DIY chainplates (by Ralph Skea - from "APT" - May 2012)
  • Sail Numbers
    • An article on DIY sail numbers (by Ralph Skea - from "APT" - May 2012)
  • FAIL-SAFE: Ensuring your fittings and equipment are 'fit for service'
  • Pre-Season Checklist
    • An overview of the things we should all check at the beginning of the season - compliments "Fail-Safe" articles ("APT" August 2013)
  • Beams
    • Please note that the beams should NOT be made from standard aluminium sections. Off-the-shelf aluminium is too soft and will cause major problems, such as extensive flexing (best case) and breakage. A broken beam can destroy your hulls in seconds, as it will rip the decks off as it collapses. Make sure you specify the correct material when purchasing beams, as is the case when purchasing through our on-line shop. Specifications are:
      • 1st Choice - Material: 6061, Hardness: T6.
      • 2nd Choice - Material: 6106, Hardness: T6
    • Under all circumstances, avoid a hardness of T4, a commonly available material. Anodising is a safe practice for beams and will make the surface more resistant to corrosion and scratching.