The class rules govern the measurement of the Paper Tiger Class Catamaran. They ensure that racing is maintained to one-design. Get a copy of the current class measurement rules which are effective from 7 April 2020.

The class also recognizes that the design is allowed to develop to encompass new ideas and technology, while still being controlled with the one-design rules, ensuring close racing and costs are controlled. It also ensures that boats are not made obsolete - evidenced by well built craft remaining competitive for many years. The change and acceptance of amendments to class rules is governed by the Paper Tiger Catamaran International Association Constitution, and must be passed by at least a 2/3 majority vote by members. In summary:

• Amendments to the Rules shall be by at least two thirds majority of all ballot papers returned by financial Paper Tiger Catamaran Association members.

• A ballot paper may be handed out or sent by mail, fax or electronic media to all members. Only one vote per member shall be returned in the allowed time.

• A ballot paper must contain at least two arguments for and against the proposed change.

• A maximum of sixty days from date of posting the ballot paper must be allowed for return mail.

• All ballot papers must first be reviewed and approved by all national measurers before being sent to members.

• Any approved rule change shall apply from the first day of the next July or such date as may be determined by the World Council.