The PTCIA (Paper Tiger Catamaran International Association) is the world-wide governing body for the Paper Tiger Catamaran class.


To see the Paper Tiger Catamaran established as a strong and healthy class in many countries.


The Paper Tiger Catamaran Class remains strong and healthy through:

  • attracting new people into the class;
  • providing support for new owners;
  • conducting National Championships, each supplying many competitors to a regular and highly competitive International Championships;
  • maintaining the class rules so that it is a great boat to sail, has excellent competition, and is affordable;
  • ensuring the association is well managed and features good communication throughout the Regional associations.


  1. Provide a medium of exchange of information among Paper Tiger Catamaran sailors throughout the world and to enhance the enjoyment of their sailboats.
  2. Promote and develop Paper Tiger Catamaran class racing in all countries under uniform rules.
  3. Encourage and foster the enjoyment of the sporting and recreational aspects of sailing.


The association has authority over all activities of the Paper Tiger Catamaran Class throughout the world, and its powers shall be vested in and carried out by the International Committee, and Regional Associations as provided in the Constitution and any by-laws.